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  • Fee Depositing Hours

    8-00 am to 2-00 pm

    Summers / Winters<br /> (Saturday : 8-00 am to 12-00 pm)

    Fees Details

    Primary Secondary Sections
    Admission Fees 250.00 100.00
    Tuition Fees 250.00 VIII.125, IX.140, X.160
    Term Fees 280.00 250.00
    Others 30.00 30.00
    Computer fees 600 (yearly) 600 (yearly)

    Admission and Withdrawl

    The School makes a very careful selection of the pupils and demands high standards in ideals and attainments.
    1. The parents/guardians desirous of getting admission for their children/wards shall apply in the prescribed form. Completed application along with the Birth Certificate or School Leaving Certificate should be submitted to the office. The Principal shall interview the candidate and if found fit shall grant admission. The age for Jr. K.G. is 3 1/2 years with a corresponding increase for the higher classes.
    2. The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate whose admission is considered undersirable for valid reasons.
    3. A Pupil who joins the school after attending a recongnised school must produce an official birth entered in the application form.
    4. A pupil who joins the school after attending a recognised school must produce the Leaving Certificate and in the case of pupil coming from a school the state of Gujarat the Leaving Certificate must be countersigned by the Dist Education Officer of that state.
    5. A Calender month’s notice should be given in writing before the withdrawal of thepupul or else the fee for one month will be charged. Those who leave in April must pay the fees of May also.
    6. No Leaving Certificate shall be given unless all the dues towards the school have been paid in full.
    7. A fee of Rs. 25/- shall be charged for duplicate copy of the Leaving Certificate. An affidavit duly signed before the Second class magistrate/Notary Public shall also have to be submitted for duplicate Leaving Certificate.
    8. Application for any Certificate from the school should be given two days earlier.

    Fee Payment Rules

    1. All fees to be paid in advance on or before the 15th of every month.
    2. No deduction is made for broken periods.
    3. Fees for October and November,April and May must be paid in October and April respectively.
    4. If fees is not paid for more than three months the name will be struck off the register and the child will have to be readmitted,
    5. Computer fees will be collected with term fee in two installments.