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    Lt. Lamented Bishop Thomas Mar Athanasios

    President The Society of ST. Basil

    Mr.K.T.Thomas (as he then was) came to Baroda in 1966 as a UGC Scholar to pursue his postgraduate studies in M.S.University of Baroda.

    After his postgraduate studies he took over the reins of Babyland School in Alkapuri and gained enough experience to run a school. In 1969 because of his initiative Basil School was started by the Baroda Orthodox Church. Basil school made a name of its own during the initial years itself.

    In 1970 Mr.K.T.Thomas became Fr.K.T.Thomas.

    In 1973 the Indian Oil Corporation approached Fr. K.T.Thomas to take over their Gujarat Refinery English Medium School. He gladly took over the school and shouldered the responsibilities of both the schools. At that point of time Gujarat Refinery English Medium School was up to Std.IX and Basil School up to Std.V.

    In 1974 he came out from Basil School to concentrate more on Gujarat Refinery English Medium School since the students were to be presented for the Board Examination in 1976.

    He presented his first batch in 1976 and secured 100% pass. This tradition is maintained even today.

    In 1981 the parents of KG & English School, Halol approached him to take over their school. He took over the school in June 1981 itself and named it MGM School; Halol.The School is now up to Std.XII with both the streams. The school its own building, spacious plays ground and an open air auditorium.

    In 1982 Fr.K.T.Thomas was elected by the church and consecrated in 1985 as a Bishop with the name Thomas Mar Athanasios.

    In 1983 the Petrofils Management requested him to start an English Medium Primary School in their Township in Petrofilsnagar. Another trust was given the responsibility of starting a Gujarati Medium School in Petrofils Township. After two years, Petrofils management handed over the Gujarati Medium School also to the The Society of ST.Basil.

    Subsequently, at the request of the Petofils Management an English Medium School was started in Ankleshwar in their township.

    In 2005 a CBSE School was started in Anand and in 2009 another CBSE school in Refinery Township, Baroda.

    Now there are seven schools under the management of The Society of ST. Basil of which Bishop Thomas Mar Athanasios is the President.

    His Grace Bishop Thomas Mar Athansios has dedicated his life to give to the society enlightenment through quality education. The path he has chosen and the goal set by him has the maxim “ Upasana, Swadhyaya, Seva’’ His sole aim in life is to lay the foundation for the all-round development of young citizens of all communities without any discrimination.

    His Grace has taken several mediocre students into his fold and made them shine in life. Today there are hundreds of ‘his students’ who are successful Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Researchers, Teachers and various professionals.

    He is a disciplinarian and demands discipline from others as well.His continuous guidance to his teachers on education programmes and planning, introducing innovative teaching methods and a loving approach to children has helped them to blossom into good human beings.